Grateful Ring Free Curriculum

taught by Jenny R Craig, LCSW, BCD

Course description

“The gratitude ring movement was started to teach people that everyone has the ability to make a positive

difference in the world. When we are able to take responsibility for our own thoughts and feelings, we are

in a powerful position to bring about positivity and peace to ourselves, others and the world.

This project has three components:

Step One is about our personal responsibility and personal power. We will learn how to wire our brains to

boost positivity by learning how to think, write and speak about gratitude.

Step two we learn how to about empathetic citizenship. As part of step one, we will receive rings and/or

wristbands as a tactile reminder to stay positive and grateful. After 30 days of practicing positive thinking

and gratitude, you will choose someone in the community to share your new knowledge, pass on your

gratitude ring and/or wristband and become accountable to creating a grateful community. As you pass on

your knowledge, you will uncover the power you have to help others. We will also form our own Grateful

Ring inside the classroom to create an environment of safety, love, peace and connection.

Step three is about global leadership. After 30 days of helping someone in the community, we will choose

another school in the world to train the positive thinking techniques we have learned and recognize that

we have the power to make changes across the world. During this time, we will also learn entrepreneurial

techniques to sponsor others schools.

Jenny R Craig, LCSW, BCD
Jenny R Craig, LCSW, BCD
EQ Expert
Jenny R. Craig, LCSW, BCD is a transformation specialist, utilizing her expertise in assisting leaders in creating authentic, profound, long-lasting impact in their organizations and personal lives. She is a confidential advisor and sounding board to top senior and emerging executives and leaders, CEOs, nonprofit leaders, diplomats, entrepreneurs, artists and visionaries, giving tools to unleash their potential and take quantum leaps to success. A dynamic and riveting speaker, Jenny has taught her life-changing training all over the world. She is a powerful influence in her field in psychology, having trained psychologists and coaches in 48 states on her techniques, has spoken at the United Nations, published three books and been part of two best sellers. As an innovator in brain-training tools, Jenny is the creator of the “ I am grateful for™” ring, numerous train-the-trainer programs and a six-week self-guided curriculum on emotional intelligence. Jenny is known for her unique ability to help leaders look within and move past self sabotage with practical tools leading people to quantum leaps in personal and professional success. Jenny is also the creator and force behind the Grateful Ring world wide peace movement. 
As a top change agent, Jenny has appeared on WINK, CBS, FOX, PBS and the Lifetime Network, been named WE magazine's 2014 Who's Who Among Women, 2012 American Business Woman Association Neapolitan Woman of the Year, Gulfshore Business’s 40 under 40, the guru of interest in Gulfshore Life, Sapphire Award Inscape Publishing, IMPACT Leadership 21’s United Nations Academy, distinguished speaker on Emotional Intelligence at Hodges University and taught for an independent course at Columbia University School of International Public Affairs on EQ. Find out more about leadership training at or

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