The Power of Change

taught by Jenny R Craig, LCSW, BCD

Course description

Do you wish you could just get inside your head and remove all your negative self-limiting thoughts, productivity drains and self-sabotaging behaviors? You can laugh at how great it would be... but what if you really could learn the secrets to changing the way you think? Join Jenny R Craig, LCSW, BCD as she takes us on a journey into your mind and body to discover the stepsneeded to make a positive changes in life. In terms anyone can understand, she will share neurological and psychological secrets to boosting self-confidence, lowering stress and maintaining a positive attitude daily life. You will leave this seminar with a practical tool that has been proven to decrease depression/anxiety, increase immunity, decrease blood pressure and boost happiness.

  • These techniques were developed and tested for long term changes not a short motivational boost.
  • Learn the tools that Harvard University now say are more important than your IQ and technical skills combined.
  • Uncover what Rutger’s University psychology professor Maurice Elias calls “the missing piece to America’s education”
  • Discover the cutting edge new discoveries about how your brain works that are revolutionizing neuroscience and can help your employees become a better leader, build self-confidence. manage negative self talk and achieve their goals.
  • More than just a motivational seminar, the Grateful Ring "Power of Change" Method™ is committed to creating positive transformation
  • Change evolves authentically from the inside out. Uncover an individualized program to learn tools, methodology and support for taking your performance to the next level
  • Learn to better manage elevated levels of stress and operate from a more effective, sustainable, strategic, and inspired place
  • Countless hours of research have been tested to give you the same training of the most successful people on our planet.

About the Grateful Ring - Power of Change method™ curriculum

WEEK ONE - The power of self-awareness, adaptability and positive thinking
- Learn the nine steps on how to change a negative thought into a positive. Through practical psychological tools, employees will uncover the ability to be conscious of the thoughts and emotions that are either bringing them down and sabotaging the success of themselves, their business and their life.
- Uncover powerful tools to self-awareness and how to use them on a daily basis
- Steps to unleashing power of accountability

WEEK TWO - Why do I sabotage my own success?
- Uncover how you are sabotaging your own success and the success of your business.
- Learn about defenses and the real reasons why people self-sabotage
- An insider’s look into how you get stuck, sabotage, and stop your 
- Exercises to stop self-sabotage across the board
- Discover questions to listen to your inner genius, boost your confidence and access your creative thinking
- Learn to people read
- Discover flexibility techniques that increase successful communication and boost problem solving
- Uncovering your purpose. Tools in week two will also share tools to uncovering your purpose and how to embrace your strengths and partner with other to manage your weaknesses.

WEEK THREE - Conflict management
- Everyone has been hurt by something in life. Often times we have not learned how to manage the difficult emotions and thoughts that remain after the event is over. This curriculum teaches specific tips and tools for dealing with emotional damage.
- Moving past awareness, learn how to access and remove long held emotional resentments that continue to hold people back from offering their best each day
- Every day emotional management techniques everybody needs to know
- Teaches practical tools to leveraging conflict into positive change.
- Learn how to be proactive instead of reactive in conflict
- Practical tools to regaining internal control

WEEK FOUR -Tools to building confidence and assertiveness
- Confidence and assertiveness are necessary tools for every person as they are challenged by others on their integrity, focus, productivity and patience. Without the confidence to manage these distractors, failure thrives to destroy businesses lives and goals.
- Learn tools to standing in your integrity when challenged by difficult people
- Accessing your right brain - how to create strong mental images to become powerfully focused and achieve your goals
- Learn simple, natural, sustainable self-care strategies and highly practical tools that will enable you to be far more effective in their workplace environment
- Discover how to operate much better in the ‘present’ instead of the past and future

WEEK FIVE -Staying in your power when surrounded by energy vampires and distractors
-10 questions to manage energy vampires
- Recognize and regain composure around difficult people’s behavior
- Chart your path to greater self-understanding about difficult situations
- Worrying your way into recurring difficult confrontations
- The rule of results: What happens + Your reaction = What you get
- Ways to empower yourself beyond the difficult person’s reach

WEEK SIX - Contain, maintain and sustain ongoing success
- Becoming a role model that the world needs
- How to create, maintain a sustainable foundation for success - powerful accountability measures

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Jenny R Craig, LCSW, BCD
Jenny R Craig, LCSW, BCD
EQ Expert
Jenny R. Craig, LCSW, BCD is a transformation specialist, utilizing her expertise in assisting leaders in creating authentic, profound, long-lasting impact in their organizations and personal lives. She is a confidential advisor and sounding board to top senior and emerging executives and leaders, CEOs, nonprofit leaders, diplomats, entrepreneurs, artists and visionaries, giving tools to unleash their potential and take quantum leaps to success. A dynamic and riveting speaker, Jenny has taught her life-changing training all over the world. She is a powerful influence in her field in psychology, having trained psychologists and coaches in 48 states on her techniques, has spoken at the United Nations, published three books and been part of two best sellers. As an innovator in brain-training tools, Jenny is the creator of the “ I am grateful for™” ring, numerous train-the-trainer programs and a six-week self-guided curriculum on emotional intelligence. Jenny is known for her unique ability to help leaders look within and move past self sabotage with practical tools leading people to quantum leaps in personal and professional success. Jenny is also the creator and force behind the Grateful Ring world wide peace movement. 
As a top change agent, Jenny has appeared on WINK, CBS, FOX, PBS and the Lifetime Network, been named WE magazine's 2014 Who's Who Among Women, 2012 American Business Woman Association Neapolitan Woman of the Year, Gulfshore Business’s 40 under 40, the guru of interest in Gulfshore Life, Sapphire Award Inscape Publishing, IMPACT Leadership 21’s United Nations Academy, distinguished speaker on Emotional Intelligence at Hodges University and taught for an independent course at Columbia University School of International Public Affairs on EQ. Find out more about leadership training at or